Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Digi Dare #160

Here's a page I did for a dare over at The Digi Dares:

Journaling says:  No news is not necessarily good news. I’m not in love with the news, but as a voter and mostly responsible citizen, I feel that knowing what’s going on outside my own home’s walls is important. I listen to NPR while I get ready for my day. I browse through our local newspaper with my morning coffee. When I can’t sleep, I watch Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Sometimes the news makes me furious; sometimes it makes me want to give up on humanity; sometimes it makes me write a letter or call my legislators; sometimes it makes me cry. But it makes me an informed taxpayer, provides topics for discussion and gives my conspiracy-theorizing, cynical, naysaying mind something to do!

Credits: Holliewood Studios 'Holliewood on Display': paper, couch, frames, pear, easel;  MDesigns 'Breaktime': coffee mug; Radio, newspaper and photographs of Renee Montagne, Steve Inskeep and Stephen Colbert from the internet; Holly Designs 'Puzzled' alpha; Typewriter font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

My sister-in-law Danielle (Danielle's Designs) created a gorgeous Christmas kit that is available at Scrap n' Art

Here's a LO I made with it:

Credits:  Danielle's Designs 'Dreaming of a Pink Christmas': paper and elements; Tekton Pro font; Adobe PSCS3.

December Digi Challenge at Scrap n' Art

Here's a page I made for the December Digi Challenge at Scrap n' Art:

Credits: ibdd_crumpleandfold_2_overlay_1; Martencja Designs 'WinterFairyland': frame (recolored); Weeds and Wildflowers 'Have a Holly Jolly Day': poinsettia; Wenceslas font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Card, 2009

This year, I thought I'd try and make my holiday cards.  I printed these out as borderless 4x6 prints and affixed them to the front of blank photo mount cards. 

The inside says, "...and a Happy New Year, too!  No matter how you celebrate, may the peace and beauty of the holiday season be with you throughout the coming year."

Credits:  paper: 'Winter Fairyland' (Martencja Designs); Hanukkah, Solstice and Kwanzaa images: clip art from the internet; sleigh: 'A Christmas Wish' (Heaven's Gate Designs by Laurie Ann); holly and snowflake: 'Open Your Eyes' (Angie Briggs); Imprint MT Shadow, Scriptina, Santa's Sleigh, Palace Script MT, Christmas Card and Walkway Rounded fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Scrap n' Art Challenge: Thank Someone!

Made this page for a challenge over at Scrap n' Art.

Journaling says:  In November 2008, I began one of the most challenging journeys of my life - I became a student of Aikido at Itten Dojo. In a year’s time I have lost 20 lbs., lowered my resting heart rate and blood pressure, dropped five clothing sizes,  increased my muscle mass and strength and passed my first belt test.

More important, however, is the fun I have had (and continue to have!) & the friends I have made there.

Thank you, Sensei, for accepting me as a student and for offering the best Aikido curriculum around. And thank you to all my dojo mates who have taught and trained with me, pushed and encouraged me, supported and challenged me, laughed and nursed injuries with me and made training fun and satisfying. You are the best!
Credits:  Frankie Loves Hollie (Creashens); Jackie Eckles Highlight Brushes; MA Brownie Too font; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trick or Treat, 2009

Finally finished a wedding album for friends and so I am finally scrapping my own photos, again! Here are the kiddos this past Halloween...

Credits: 'Scare Dee Doo': paper; 'Don't Be Afraid': alpha/word art, tag and green paint; 'Scary Boo': witch and vampire; MA Brownie Too font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Digi Dare #154

Made this page for another dare over at Digi Dares...thanks for looking!

Journaling says: You are all so special to me -- I admire my husband for working so hard to provide for us, being my best friend and a great dad; my children for their boundless energy, creativity, intelligence, sweetness and for their joyful senses of humor; and my brother for being rock solid, a great friend and constant partner in crime! I love you all more than I could say!

Credits: Angi Briggs 'Just BU': papers; Pristina font; Adobe PSCS3.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Digi-Dare #153

Created this page for a challenge over at The Digi Dares.

Journaling says: I was certain our first child was going to be a boy. I had all boy names picked out and was quite surprised when the ultrasound showed I was carrying a girl. But I hope you know that I am ever so glad that my first child was you, our sweet baby girl.

Photo taken 10/2004, Journaling 10/2009

Credits: Everything from Natali Designs 'Little Miracles,' except the white paper flower ('Have a Good Time' by Dydyge) and the pearl ('Primavera', a CatScrap collaborative kit); Angelina font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Puddle Jumpers

Made this page for a template challenge over at Scrap n' Art.

Journaling says: You both love splashing in puddles -- even wihen they are only one inch deep and located in the middle of the street! I had to keep constant vigil while you both enjoyed the remnants of an August rain. August 20th, 2009
Credits: Designs by Lili 'Spring Showers': papers and elements EXCEPT Valerie Randall 'Batik': staple, Julie Bullock 'Apha Beads' and Bannerwoman 'Simple Strings'; Nicole Polhamus page template; Pea Weenie font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Petting Zoo

If you live close to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, it's worth a visit. DH is working on our taxes, so I need to keep the kids out of the house in order to avoid all the cursing and screaming! {LOL} I took the kids to Lake Tobias on Saturday and they had a great time on the safari and walking through the park. The highlight, however, was the petting zoo -- they loved it!
Credits: Thao Cosgrove 'Naturescape', Angie Briggs 'HisNHers' and Brandy Murry 'FTDO': papers (altered and blended) (available at Scrap Girls); Cindy Doerkson Layered Folds and Tears template: template for torn paper; Natali Designs Cross Stitches: stitching; Dilo Designs 'Monia': leaves and wire splatter (available at Digital-Crea); Atomic Cupcake Chipboard Action; Rough Draft, Segoe Script and Poplar Std fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleep Tight

The son of a friend is turning one-year-old soon and I thought that a keepsake would make a nice gift. I asked her to send me one or two of her favorite pictures of him and I would make a page. Here it is; I hope she likes it!

Credits: Kasia Designs 'Dreaming Angels'; Kristen Rice 'In the Clouds'; Pinay Designz 'In the Meadow'; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waiting for You

My sister-in-law, Alicia is scheduled to deliver her second (another girl!) via c-section on 9/9/9! Here she is in a photo I took of her this weekend...

I made this page for a challenge over at Scrap N' Art: Easy as 1, 2, 3 (September Challenge)
Credits: Natali Designs 'Word Art 8': "Waiting for You" word art; Syndee Nuckles 'Collage Art': clock paper (recolored); Amanda McGee 'JakeEmma': solid paper and flowered paper (all recolored); Michelle Coleman 'Bohemian Summer': stitched heart; Angie Briggs 'JustB': felt flower (recolored); Jennifer's Handwriting font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Monthly LO Contest at Scrap Girls

A page I made for the September Monthly LO Contest over at Scrapgirls. (Here's the link to this challenge.) The theme was repetition, which I've noticed a lot on pages of late. I like the look, but this is my first attempt! Thanks for looking. :-)

Credits: Angie Briggs' 'Just B' (Scrap Girls): all paper and elements, Jennifer's Handwriting font; Adobe PSCS3.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Another page for my cousin and her new husband!

Credits: 'Le Petit Monde de Giulia' by ptitesouris: photo mask; 'Romantic Hours' by choubinette: paper and elements; Honey Script font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Things Are Just Better

My cousin Lauren and her fiance Dave were married on August 14th. The ceremony was beautiful and I wanted to scrap a page or two for them. In thinking of them, I was inspired by 'things that go together,' like Batman and Robin, hugs and kisses, Fred and Ginger, mac n' cheese, etc.

I wanted to incorporate this idea in their page. So, I decided to create an overlay on the background paper and highlight phrases throughout by increasing the font a bit and changing the color to one a bit darker than the rest. Then I used the title to play up this theme.

Credits: Ptitesouris 'Le Petit Monde de Guilia': paper and elements; DiHickman 'Breezy': alpha; Honey Script and Copperplate Gothic Light fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gift Idea

My sister and her boyfriend are relocating to California at month's end, which is exactly on the other side of the continent from us. I wanted to get them a going-away gift, but knew they wouldn't want to lug a lot of junk cross-country. Digital gifts are the perfect solution!

I made a collage of the kids' photos, printed it and framed it for them. I plan to create and send yearly photo books to them, so they can keep up on the kiddos. (I hope to still see them once a year and then we'll definitely fly out for visits when Kiefer no longer needs a pack n' play for sleeping and a high chair for eating.)

Anyway, here's the gift I made for them:

I also changed "niece" to 'granddaughter' and "nephew" to 'grandson' and printed those pages out for the grandparents.

Credits: Vinnie Pearce's Block Page Mask; Pea Weenie and Rockwell Condensed fonts; Mimilou Designs 'The Fairy Garden': paper; ScrapGirls 'Refresh 2': Amanda Sok style (altered color), used on names; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buckey OOB (out of bounds)

Feel like I've been neglecting my dear, sweet boy in my pages of late. Here's one when he was still a wee babe...*sigh* (I indulged a whim and purchased FluidMask3, which is a program to help extract images. I used it here and I think I like it! It's SO much faster than trying to extract with a brush, lasso tool, or even Photoshop's Magic Extractor.)

Credits: Angie Briggs 'His N Hers' kit (Scrap Girls): papers, frame, borders, word art; Syrin 'Traveltime': staples; Patient Page font; Adobe PSCS3.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gift for my MIL

My mother-in-law's birthday is tomorrow and we are hosting a party for her on Sunday. She insisted on 'no gifts,' but my husband asked me to scrap her a 5x7 of our kids. Here it is:

Credits: 'The Wonderful World' (Choubinette); Natali Designs 'Funny Stitches'; 'The Fairy Garden' (MD Designs); Bernhard Modern font; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making a Splash!

My daughter's swimming abilities have really improved this summer. I think it has a lot to do with watching other kids get their faces wet and fish the sinkers off the bottom, since apparently I have totally lost my street cred and have no idea what I'm talking about! Anyway, she's 'swimming' under water with her trusty pink goggles. Luckily, I have an underwater camera and captured this great shot to mark the occassion.

Credits: Amanda Resende & Kirsten Rice 'Free Spirit' (AfterFive): frame (recolored); MD Designs 'Piece of Paradise' (Digital-Crea): wave, starfish (recolored); Kristen Rice & Fruitloop Sally 'Serene Island' (Digital Artist Magazine June '09 freebie): fish, waves, BG paper, alpha; Segoe Print font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping Fairy

I totally love pages where a scene is created out of various elements. This is my first attempt at this technique and while I'm not entirely happy with the page, it's sufficient. Plus, two weeks is just about long enough to spend putting ONE page together!

Credits: Scrap Girls kits: Thao Cosgrove's 'Naturescapes' (BG papers)
All elements from the following kits, found at Digital Crea: 'The Wonderful World,' 'The Secret Garden', 'The Fairy Garden,' 'The Spring of Happyness', 'Le Petit Monde de Guilia'
Adobe PSCS3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Afternoon with Thomas

Learn from our mistake: Do NOT take your kids to see Thomas at Strasburg RR!! It is a nightmare -- crowds, people screaming at their kids, no shade and nothing much to do but wait for your boarding time.

That being said, Kiefer LOVED the 25-minute ride on "Thomas" and he really enjoyed watching the trains. In between that, he was a cranky mess. Addie wasn't much better.

Here is a LO that makes the whole event seem much more enjoyable than it really was... :-)

Credits: Products from Scrap Girls: Caroline Kaisers 'Trains & Tracks Embellishments Biggie'; BG paper made with SG Textures (Ariadna Wiczling); Flare Gothic font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hide and Seek

Saw this wee babe on a recent trip up to my grandparents' farm. S/he staggered across the road and "hid" in the field. It was a very newborn, by the look of its gait. Didn't see its momma, but I am sure she was nearby. I couldn't help myself -- I had to snap some photos!

Credits: Thao Cosgrove 'Naturescapes': paper, word art, tab, rocks, leaf; Keri Schueller 'BeauteBotan': swirl; Syndee Nuckes 'Noteworthy': sprig (recolored), notepad under photo/frame; 1942 Report font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Heart Belongs To You LO

My sister-in-law Danielle created a page with some of my wedding word art (offered in a previous post). Here it is...isn't she supremely talented?

Credits: Concentre de douceur by Sev (Digital-Crea); editing done with PSE6

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time Flies

Here's a fairly new page that I neglected to post earlier.

Amanda Sok 'Take Wing': paper, word art, stitches, frame, flower stalk; Melissa Renfo 'Well Loved' (Scrap Girls): staple; Maelia 'Bittersweet Caress': branch; 'Delicate Spring' collaboration kit: flower; Moi 'So Sweet' (Digital Crea): string; WorstveldSlingExtra2Oblique font; Adobe PSCS3.

Cape May, August 2005

My thoughts are totally turned toward summer and so my scrapping has been inspired by photos from summers past.

To make the bottle appear transparent and, in my opinion, more realistic, I selected the part of the sea grass that was behind the bottle, copied it onto its own layer, moved it in front of the bottle and lowered the opacity to 15%.

Here's how I copied the precise selection:
-I selected the bottle shape by CTRL+click the thumbnail in the layers palette.
-Then I made sure the sea grass layer was active and hit CTRL+C (this copies only the part of the sea grass within the bottle shape) then CTRL+V (this pastes that selection into a new layer).
-Then I pulled that layer over my bottle layer and aligned it precisely.


Credits: Sun N Sea Holidays kit by Ptitesouris (Digital-Crea); Tucked Photos Templates by Thao Cosgrove (Scrap Girls); Catherine's Lazy Days font; Adobe PSCS3.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go Boldly...

COL_SSActions_LensEffects_8302_SelectiveFocusBW; Brandy Murry 'Back Porch': wire; Angi Briggs 'Young at Heart': tree, fence, mushroom, word art; Angi Briggs 'His n Hers': string (recolored), buttons; Angi Briggs 'Splash of Color': button; Kerri Schuller's Warped Frames Action and string style; Ptitesouris 'The Spring of Happyness': ladybug clip; Moi 'So Sweet': paper; Ptitesouris 'The Secret Garden of Celou': leaf; MD 'Little Spring': twigs on string; Katie Pertiet's Aged Frames 9; Tall Paul font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Four Generations

This is my grammy, my mom, me and my daughter. My grandmother died last February and her birthday is April 8th, so I've been thinking of her a lot lately. She was a talented painter and seamstress, which is why I included the brushed photo and mat and the dress form sticker.
Credits: Syndee Nuckles 'Noteworthy': BG paper, butterfly, key; Brandy Murry 'Ephemera': dress form; Fei-fie's Stuff: Different Strokes #4 (brushes); Createwings Designs 'Creation 23' collaboration kit: string; Vera Lim 'Love at First Sight': flower/leaf embellishment; Eras Medium ITC and Freebooter Script fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter, 1975

Yes, that's me in the bunny ears. That's my mom, Sue and my dad, Larry. No, I don't know why he has a hammer.

Credits: Brandy Murry 'Back Porch': BG paper and wood paper, leaves, buttons, word art and journaling strip ; Syndee Nuckles 'Noteworthy': nest; 'Delicate Spring' collaboration kit (Digital Crea): tree; Angelina font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Funny Faces

Made this for a challenge over at Scrap Girls: April Gallery LO Contest

Credits: Amanda Sok Charisma Album page template; Scrap Girls 'Refresh 2': dot paper, tag and style for dots; Angie Briggs 'His n Hers': light BG paper; Corina 'A Little Tattered': purple paper; Amanda McGee 'JakeEmma': chain; Atomic Cupcake Paper Tear Action; Faith True 'Birds the Word' collaboration kit: alpha charms; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Bradley Hand ITC font; Adobe PSCS3.

Making those charms look like they actually were strung on that chain was almost enough to make me choose another alpha -- I didn't want to layer mask and detail each link! SO, I pulled all my alpha over the chain and put them where I wanted them. Then I selected the chain layer by CNTRL+clicking it in the layers pallette, then going up my layers, I used my quick selection tool to deselect the part of the chain I wanted to be under the alpha, then hit delete, which allowed the chain to be perfectly revealed looping over the alpha. Easy peasy!

Serious Conversation

Credits: Julia Makotinsky 'Spring Awakening': all papers and elements; AnkeHand and Pussycat fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Credits: Angie Briggs 'His n Hers' and 'Dress Up' kits: paper (altered BG paper color), buttons, border; Carrie Stephens 'Rumba': journaling strip; Meredith Fenwick 'Popsicle Pop' collaboration kit: alpha (some recolored); Bradley Hand ITC font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Boy and His Ball

I was working with extractions and brushwork here -- two things I rarely do, but should!

Credits: Oscraps 'O Boy!': BG paper, frame, journaling mat; LB Creations 'Crumpled Paper Styles'; ScrapGirls 'Refresh 2': brush; Melissa Renfro 'Well Loved': staple; Popsicle Pop Collaboration kit for Scrap n' Art: sun; Natali Designs 'Playing with Word Art 6': "happy" word art; Createwings Designs 'Creation 23': cloud; Typewriter font; Adobe PSCS3 and PSE7.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Precious Things

My friends had twins in September and here they are in a layout...

Credits: Katie Pertiet 'All Hung Up': frame (altered), string and staples; Angie Briggs 'His N Hers': BG paper; Createwings: 'Creation 23': bird, tag, hearts, feathers, button; Freebooter Script and Kingthings Trypewriter fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jeepers, Creepers...

Made this for a challenge over at Scrap Girls. (March Layout Contest)
Credits: Angi Briggs 'Day to Day Life AYO': word art, staple; Sausan Designs 'Popsicle Pop' (collaboration kit): acrylic frame (recolored string); Occidental font; Adobe PSCS3.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why, yes, those are bruises...

Journaling says:
Yes, those are bruises.
Thanks for asking -- I think.
Yes, I'm fine.
No, the other guy does not look worse.
No, the other guy was not my husband.
No, it wasn't a bar fight.
Or a political protest.
I was learning to escape from katate dori (wrist grabs) at the dojo.
Yes, it hurts a little.
Yes, I'll keep going back, because...
No pain, no gain.

Credits: Mick, for the bruises...and 'Free Spirit' collaboration kit (Amanda Resende and Kristen Rice): all papers and elements; 28 Days Later and Batik Regular fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Living in Pennsylvania, we experience all four seasons. It's hot in the summer, freezing in the winter, wet in the spring and cool in the fall. Fall is, by far, my favorite. Summer is my least. But I like them all.

That being said, this time of year I really start wishing for the fresh breezes, butterflies, robins and first flowers of spring. Oh, and clear skies and plenty of sunshine wouldn't be amiss. And no more snow. And I wish something would come and kill all these god-damned rabbits so they'd quit crapping in our yard! But I digress...(really!?!?)

Anyway, my thoughts have turned to spring, so here's the resulting layout:

Credits: Kristen Rice 'In the Clouds' (After Five); Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Angelina font; Adobe PSCS3.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some of My Personal Faves

Perhaps one of the most sublime moments of my parenting career. One day, I asked my daughter, "What is love?" She answered, "Love is when you hug something." Sometime during that same month, I snapped this photo. *sigh*

Credits: Amanda Sok 'Frippery': BG paper, lace, tab; Syndee Nuckles 'Collage Art': alpha, butterflies, fairy, garland; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Vivaldi font; Adobe PSCS3.

I love this one of my daughter. This is just how she is -- fearless and full of laughter.

Credits:Julia Makotinsky 'Fantasia': tag; Julia Makotinsky 'One Fine Day': paper, frame, ribbon; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Angelina font; Adobe PSCS3.

In addition to terrorizing my son at Hershey Character Breakfasts, I also like to torment him by taking him on a spin around the merry-go-round. Please don't call child protective services...

Credits: All papers, elements and alpha from Thao Cosgrove 'Life's Canvas'; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Catherine's Lazy Days font; Adobe PSCS3.

This is a picture taken before all of his nightmares began...doesn't this just make you sigh? Sweet, sweet boy...

Credits: Cinnamon Designs 'Romantique': papers and elements; Taylor Made Bliss in Action Photo Actions 'Pale Comparison;' Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Hurricane and Freebooter fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

This is very minimalist, but still one of my favorites.

Credits: Lauraskathi 'Rosie': paper, ribbons (recolored); Vera Lim 'Love at First Sight': frame; Natali Designs Playing With Word Art for Digital Artist Magazine; Melissa Renfro 'Well Loved': tag and brad; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; AnkeHand font; Adobe PSCS3.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Penny for Your Thoughts

A page I finished today. This is a photograph I took of my son at the Hotel Hershey on the 16th of this month, when I took the kids there to have breakfast with the Hershey characters. I know what he was thinking, "Get me out of here -- Mom, are you psycho?!?!?" But, I thought I'd do a little revisionist scrapping and pretend he was deep in thought and not planning an escape from the hell his mother forced him to endure...

Credits: All papers, elements and alpha from 'Free Spirit' collaboration kit by Amanda Resende & Kristen Rice (After Five); Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; 1942 report font; Adobe PSCS3.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Reason I LOVE Photoshop

So, in almost every picture one of the subjects is looking away, looking not-so-good, or purposely trying to sabotage the photograph (I won't name names, but this person's name starts with 'A' and ends with 'ddie'!).

It bugs me when I take a thousand pictures and find only one or two that are pretty good (i.e. This year's Christmas photos ! More about that in another post!). Since I have Photoshop and know how to use most of its features, I decided to take matters into my own hands with some pictures Chris took of me and the kids at the top of Currituck Lighthouse (Corolla, NC) in August 2008.

Addie looks cute here:

Kiefer and I look OK here, someone else does not...

So, using Photoshop's awesome layer mask, a steady hand and about an hour, I merged Addie'scute face onto her grumpy face (and fixed the overexposed sky while I was at it) and got this!

Is Photoshop awesome, or what?!

A Valentine for My Kiddos

Made this page with a photo I took yesterday at the park. I had to alter the photograph a little bit; actually had to digitally move the kids closer together -- Photoshop is awesome!

Anyway, to my kids:
I love you both more than I could ever say. You are such a part of my life, I cannot even remember not having you around! One of my favorite things in the world is listening to you laugh. I hope you'll forgive my faults and I hope you know that every day you are treasured and cherished and loved like crazy!

Thanks for being mine.
Love, Mom

Credits: Vera Lim 'Love at First Sight': everything except scalloped mat and scalloped paper strip, which are from 'Love Letters' (OScraps); Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Batik Regular font; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One More Post Before Bed

In our pre-kid days, Chris and I used to visit all kinds of creepy places. Neither of us is entirely sure if we 'believe' in ghosts, but we'd sure be interested in seeing one. Anyway, this photograph was taken inside Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadephia. ESP was a prison started by Quakers, who believed that solitary reflection would lead criminals to find their best selves.

The prison is now an historical site, and a way cool one at that! We spent hours there. All around the grounds are numbers placed in certain locations. You are given an MP3 player upon arrival and when you get to a spot with a number, you press it and get a recorded message about the significance of whatever you are viewing.

We didn't see any ghosts, but I got some stunning photographs, this being one of them.

Digital Scrapbooking, Then and Now

This is the first digital scrapbook page I ever created. I wish I had documented the materials I used, but they were all freebies I picked up somewhere in cyberspace. My apologies to the creators...

I really love this photo of my brother Jonathan and my niece Loralie, taken in December 2007. I scrapped it in February 2008.

This is the most recent digital scrapbook page I have done. It's a photo of Addie when she was only about three months old. I scrapped this page last week.

Thanks for looking!

Credits: Lauraskathi 'New Beginning': butterflies, antennae, trail, glass hearts; 'Primavera' collaboration kit (Catscrap): paper, tree, leaves, flowers, pearls; Syndee Nuckles 'Collage Art': butterfly princess, dove card; Lily Designs 'White Dove': dove; Windsong and Selfish fonts; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Adobe PSCS3.