Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cape May, August 2005

My thoughts are totally turned toward summer and so my scrapping has been inspired by photos from summers past.

To make the bottle appear transparent and, in my opinion, more realistic, I selected the part of the sea grass that was behind the bottle, copied it onto its own layer, moved it in front of the bottle and lowered the opacity to 15%.

Here's how I copied the precise selection:
-I selected the bottle shape by CTRL+click the thumbnail in the layers palette.
-Then I made sure the sea grass layer was active and hit CTRL+C (this copies only the part of the sea grass within the bottle shape) then CTRL+V (this pastes that selection into a new layer).
-Then I pulled that layer over my bottle layer and aligned it precisely.


Credits: Sun N Sea Holidays kit by Ptitesouris (Digital-Crea); Tucked Photos Templates by Thao Cosgrove (Scrap Girls); Catherine's Lazy Days font; Adobe PSCS3.

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  1. What a great picture! This layout is perfect and you did a wonderful job with the bottle, I would have guessed it really was transparent! This kit is so cute, can't wait to see more summer pages!