Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gift Idea

My sister and her boyfriend are relocating to California at month's end, which is exactly on the other side of the continent from us. I wanted to get them a going-away gift, but knew they wouldn't want to lug a lot of junk cross-country. Digital gifts are the perfect solution!

I made a collage of the kids' photos, printed it and framed it for them. I plan to create and send yearly photo books to them, so they can keep up on the kiddos. (I hope to still see them once a year and then we'll definitely fly out for visits when Kiefer no longer needs a pack n' play for sleeping and a high chair for eating.)

Anyway, here's the gift I made for them:

I also changed "niece" to 'granddaughter' and "nephew" to 'grandson' and printed those pages out for the grandparents.

Credits: Vinnie Pearce's Block Page Mask; Pea Weenie and Rockwell Condensed fonts; Mimilou Designs 'The Fairy Garden': paper; ScrapGirls 'Refresh 2': Amanda Sok style (altered color), used on names; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buckey OOB (out of bounds)

Feel like I've been neglecting my dear, sweet boy in my pages of late. Here's one when he was still a wee babe...*sigh* (I indulged a whim and purchased FluidMask3, which is a program to help extract images. I used it here and I think I like it! It's SO much faster than trying to extract with a brush, lasso tool, or even Photoshop's Magic Extractor.)

Credits: Angie Briggs 'His N Hers' kit (Scrap Girls): papers, frame, borders, word art; Syrin 'Traveltime': staples; Patient Page font; Adobe PSCS3.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Gift for my MIL

My mother-in-law's birthday is tomorrow and we are hosting a party for her on Sunday. She insisted on 'no gifts,' but my husband asked me to scrap her a 5x7 of our kids. Here it is:

Credits: 'The Wonderful World' (Choubinette); Natali Designs 'Funny Stitches'; 'The Fairy Garden' (MD Designs); Bernhard Modern font; Adobe PSCS3.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making a Splash!

My daughter's swimming abilities have really improved this summer. I think it has a lot to do with watching other kids get their faces wet and fish the sinkers off the bottom, since apparently I have totally lost my street cred and have no idea what I'm talking about! Anyway, she's 'swimming' under water with her trusty pink goggles. Luckily, I have an underwater camera and captured this great shot to mark the occassion.

Credits: Amanda Resende & Kirsten Rice 'Free Spirit' (AfterFive): frame (recolored); MD Designs 'Piece of Paradise' (Digital-Crea): wave, starfish (recolored); Kristen Rice & Fruitloop Sally 'Serene Island' (Digital Artist Magazine June '09 freebie): fish, waves, BG paper, alpha; Segoe Print font; Adobe PSCS3.