Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some of My Personal Faves

Perhaps one of the most sublime moments of my parenting career. One day, I asked my daughter, "What is love?" She answered, "Love is when you hug something." Sometime during that same month, I snapped this photo. *sigh*

Credits: Amanda Sok 'Frippery': BG paper, lace, tab; Syndee Nuckles 'Collage Art': alpha, butterflies, fairy, garland; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Vivaldi font; Adobe PSCS3.

I love this one of my daughter. This is just how she is -- fearless and full of laughter.

Credits:Julia Makotinsky 'Fantasia': tag; Julia Makotinsky 'One Fine Day': paper, frame, ribbon; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Angelina font; Adobe PSCS3.

In addition to terrorizing my son at Hershey Character Breakfasts, I also like to torment him by taking him on a spin around the merry-go-round. Please don't call child protective services...

Credits: All papers, elements and alpha from Thao Cosgrove 'Life's Canvas'; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Catherine's Lazy Days font; Adobe PSCS3.

This is a picture taken before all of his nightmares began...doesn't this just make you sigh? Sweet, sweet boy...

Credits: Cinnamon Designs 'Romantique': papers and elements; Taylor Made Bliss in Action Photo Actions 'Pale Comparison;' Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; Hurricane and Freebooter fonts; Adobe PSCS3.

This is very minimalist, but still one of my favorites.

Credits: Lauraskathi 'Rosie': paper, ribbons (recolored); Vera Lim 'Love at First Sight': frame; Natali Designs Playing With Word Art for Digital Artist Magazine; Melissa Renfro 'Well Loved': tag and brad; Katie Pertiet's Drop Shadow Styles; AnkeHand font; Adobe PSCS3.

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