Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Scrap n' Art Challenge: Thank Someone!

Made this page for a challenge over at Scrap n' Art.

Journaling says:  In November 2008, I began one of the most challenging journeys of my life - I became a student of Aikido at Itten Dojo. In a year’s time I have lost 20 lbs., lowered my resting heart rate and blood pressure, dropped five clothing sizes,  increased my muscle mass and strength and passed my first belt test.

More important, however, is the fun I have had (and continue to have!) & the friends I have made there.

Thank you, Sensei, for accepting me as a student and for offering the best Aikido curriculum around. And thank you to all my dojo mates who have taught and trained with me, pushed and encouraged me, supported and challenged me, laughed and nursed injuries with me and made training fun and satisfying. You are the best!
Credits:  Frankie Loves Hollie (Creashens); Jackie Eckles Highlight Brushes; MA Brownie Too font; Adobe PSCS3.

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