Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go Boldly...

COL_SSActions_LensEffects_8302_SelectiveFocusBW; Brandy Murry 'Back Porch': wire; Angi Briggs 'Young at Heart': tree, fence, mushroom, word art; Angi Briggs 'His n Hers': string (recolored), buttons; Angi Briggs 'Splash of Color': button; Kerri Schuller's Warped Frames Action and string style; Ptitesouris 'The Spring of Happyness': ladybug clip; Moi 'So Sweet': paper; Ptitesouris 'The Secret Garden of Celou': leaf; MD 'Little Spring': twigs on string; Katie Pertiet's Aged Frames 9; Tall Paul font; Adobe PSCS3.

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