Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gift Idea

My sister and her boyfriend are relocating to California at month's end, which is exactly on the other side of the continent from us. I wanted to get them a going-away gift, but knew they wouldn't want to lug a lot of junk cross-country. Digital gifts are the perfect solution!

I made a collage of the kids' photos, printed it and framed it for them. I plan to create and send yearly photo books to them, so they can keep up on the kiddos. (I hope to still see them once a year and then we'll definitely fly out for visits when Kiefer no longer needs a pack n' play for sleeping and a high chair for eating.)

Anyway, here's the gift I made for them:

I also changed "niece" to 'granddaughter' and "nephew" to 'grandson' and printed those pages out for the grandparents.

Credits: Vinnie Pearce's Block Page Mask; Pea Weenie and Rockwell Condensed fonts; Mimilou Designs 'The Fairy Garden': paper; ScrapGirls 'Refresh 2': Amanda Sok style (altered color), used on names; Adobe PSCS3.

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