Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Digi Dare #160

Here's a page I did for a dare over at The Digi Dares:

Journaling says:  No news is not necessarily good news. I’m not in love with the news, but as a voter and mostly responsible citizen, I feel that knowing what’s going on outside my own home’s walls is important. I listen to NPR while I get ready for my day. I browse through our local newspaper with my morning coffee. When I can’t sleep, I watch Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Sometimes the news makes me furious; sometimes it makes me want to give up on humanity; sometimes it makes me write a letter or call my legislators; sometimes it makes me cry. But it makes me an informed taxpayer, provides topics for discussion and gives my conspiracy-theorizing, cynical, naysaying mind something to do!

Credits: Holliewood Studios 'Holliewood on Display': paper, couch, frames, pear, easel;  MDesigns 'Breaktime': coffee mug; Radio, newspaper and photographs of Renee Montagne, Steve Inskeep and Stephen Colbert from the internet; Holly Designs 'Puzzled' alpha; Typewriter font; Adobe PSCS3.


  1. This is so fabulous!!! I love your take on it, I'm glad that although it can be infuriating that you are one to take action!
    julie ann shahin

  2. Wow, I really love how you did this... looks awesome!!!