Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping Fairy

I totally love pages where a scene is created out of various elements. This is my first attempt at this technique and while I'm not entirely happy with the page, it's sufficient. Plus, two weeks is just about long enough to spend putting ONE page together!

Credits: Scrap Girls kits: Thao Cosgrove's 'Naturescapes' (BG papers)
All elements from the following kits, found at Digital Crea: 'The Wonderful World,' 'The Secret Garden', 'The Fairy Garden,' 'The Spring of Happyness', 'Le Petit Monde de Guilia'
Adobe PSCS3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Afternoon with Thomas

Learn from our mistake: Do NOT take your kids to see Thomas at Strasburg RR!! It is a nightmare -- crowds, people screaming at their kids, no shade and nothing much to do but wait for your boarding time.

That being said, Kiefer LOVED the 25-minute ride on "Thomas" and he really enjoyed watching the trains. In between that, he was a cranky mess. Addie wasn't much better.

Here is a LO that makes the whole event seem much more enjoyable than it really was... :-)

Credits: Products from Scrap Girls: Caroline Kaisers 'Trains & Tracks Embellishments Biggie'; BG paper made with SG Textures (Ariadna Wiczling); Flare Gothic font; Adobe PSCS3.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hide and Seek

Saw this wee babe on a recent trip up to my grandparents' farm. S/he staggered across the road and "hid" in the field. It was a very newborn, by the look of its gait. Didn't see its momma, but I am sure she was nearby. I couldn't help myself -- I had to snap some photos!

Credits: Thao Cosgrove 'Naturescapes': paper, word art, tab, rocks, leaf; Keri Schueller 'BeauteBotan': swirl; Syndee Nuckes 'Noteworthy': sprig (recolored), notepad under photo/frame; 1942 Report font; Adobe PSCS3.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Heart Belongs To You LO

My sister-in-law Danielle created a page with some of my wedding word art (offered in a previous post). Here it is...isn't she supremely talented?

Credits: Concentre de douceur by Sev (Digital-Crea); editing done with PSE6

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time Flies

Here's a fairly new page that I neglected to post earlier.

Amanda Sok 'Take Wing': paper, word art, stitches, frame, flower stalk; Melissa Renfo 'Well Loved' (Scrap Girls): staple; Maelia 'Bittersweet Caress': branch; 'Delicate Spring' collaboration kit: flower; Moi 'So Sweet' (Digital Crea): string; WorstveldSlingExtra2Oblique font; Adobe PSCS3.

Cape May, August 2005

My thoughts are totally turned toward summer and so my scrapping has been inspired by photos from summers past.

To make the bottle appear transparent and, in my opinion, more realistic, I selected the part of the sea grass that was behind the bottle, copied it onto its own layer, moved it in front of the bottle and lowered the opacity to 15%.

Here's how I copied the precise selection:
-I selected the bottle shape by CTRL+click the thumbnail in the layers palette.
-Then I made sure the sea grass layer was active and hit CTRL+C (this copies only the part of the sea grass within the bottle shape) then CTRL+V (this pastes that selection into a new layer).
-Then I pulled that layer over my bottle layer and aligned it precisely.


Credits: Sun N Sea Holidays kit by Ptitesouris (Digital-Crea); Tucked Photos Templates by Thao Cosgrove (Scrap Girls); Catherine's Lazy Days font; Adobe PSCS3.